September 26, 2016

20/20: A Clear Vision For Our Future

See Your Name in My New BookI’m writing another book and need names for some of my new characters. I want to write real people just like you, or a loved one, into the narrative with my other problem solvers. Just think, you will be famous forever – in print and in eBook.I am introducing new characters to advance the narrative. You can be a fellow compatriot by playing a special role in the storyline.

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September 24, 2016

Am I Deplorable or Irredeemable?

I hope you know what basket you’re in, because I’m not sure what basket I reside in. The Muckster is faced with a dilemma. I don’t know who I am. The politicians have left me clueless. Hopefully, this article will article will provide the answer.Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC), the Democrat nominee for President made the following statement at a New York fundraiser Friday night, September 9th, with liberal donors and Barbra Streisand in the audience,

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September 11, 2016

Ban Assault Bathtubs

I was getting ready to take a shower after my daily stint on the treadmill when I stopped to check my email and learn what’s new on the internet, and in social media. I came across an article that scared the bejesus outta me. The Atlantic reported that President Barak Hussein Obama frequently suggests to his staff that fear of terrorism is overblown, with Americans more likely to die from falls in tubs than from

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