Angry Bird or Screamin’ Meanie?

“Why am I losing friends so fast?  I always thought I was a nice guy.”

I seem to have this problem when I meet women. The Muckster did it again this week. This time at an informal condo association dinner. I should have known from the Christmas Party (December 31, 2015 Article) to keep my mouth shut. Here’s how it all unfolded. One of the ladies, Gloria, at the long dinner table at El Charro’s remarked that she could not understand why some people think Hillary Clinton did something wrong when she sent emails. My new friend, who is now my ex-friend, stated that she herself sends emails every day. She receives emails every day. What difference does it make? They’re just emails. Everyone does it.

In a fatal attempt I tried to explain that these are not just routine emails that people send to family and friends. They are not even the stupid emails people forward to people multiple times. These contain classified material. And they can’t be kept on a private, unsecure server.


Well as Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead sang: “I ain’t no nice guy after all.”

(R.I. P. Lemmy. You were a nice guy after all.)

When I was young I was the nicest guy I knew, I thought I was the chosen one, But time went by and I found out a thing or two, My shine wore off as time wore on, I thought that I was living out the perfect life, But in the lonely hours when the truth begins to bite, I thought about the times when I turned my back & stalled.


“Well Hillary is married to the president and she can send him anything she wants,” Gloria shouted.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAR5AAAAJDMzOTIzMjQwLTM0OTItNDgwYi1hZmIzLWE3ZTlkNGYzMGQ1Nw“Past presidents have been informed of classified material, but they will not necessarily have, some, or all classified information. The big difference is need to know,” I replied.

“Who made you the expert?” Gloria angrily retorted.

“I am no expert, but I did have a Top Secret Security Clearance when I was an officer in the United States Marine Corps. (I did refrain from stating that I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night.) I served as our Squadron’s S-2 (Intelligence) Officer and I was the custodian of our Squadron classified materials. I took this responsibility very seriously then and I still do,” I answered.

“My duties entailed the safekeeping of all classified materials,” I continued. “I signed for them when I picked them up, while armed with my 45. I logged them into a register and kept them in a safe where I was the only one with the combination. I was in a sense a librarian. When documents were outdated, or superseded, I destroyed them in a ‘burn barrel’ until they were fine ashes. I kept a precise log of the disposition of every document. After about a month on the job, I could recognize, at a glance, the classification of the materials I was responsible for. It’s all about the seriousness of the content of the document.”


AAEAAQAAAAAAAAb8AAAAJDM4OGE4ZjBkLTY3NDUtNDJiYS04ZTVjLTE4MDhkOTlkZGZjNw“Are you telling me Hillary Clinton doesn’t know the category status of classified material?” she snapped back. “What does this have to do with emails anyway?”

“You just made my point,” I said. “She should have known and she shouldn’t have used a private server that she shared with her husband. That was against protocol and most likely the law. There are reports that foreign governments have hacked into our classified files.”AAEAAQAAAAAAAAVfAAAAJDQ5YTVhZTJkLTI1ZWYtNDhlMi04NjQwLTViNjczM2M2ODQwNw

“Well, she said she wiped her server clean,” Gloria responded. “She used a cloth. Nobody saw those emails but her, so this is just another ‘vast right wing conspiracy.’”

That shut me up. I’m not a right winger and don’t even know what that means. As far as vast is concerned, wouldn’t that mean a large portion of the country? Conspiracy? Don’t know about that either. That word sure is overworkAAEAAQAAAAAAAAcNAAAAJDE4NzRmYzY1LTY4ZmQtNDc2OC04NmYyLWJjZWQ4YzRhODVhNA.gifed. I do know one thing for sure. Whenever I watch HRC on TV, she is always shouting and she sure looks like an “Angry Bird.” Why is Hillary always screaming? Does she hate everyone? She appears to be a very mean woman. Now I’m going to lose more friends. She sure seems to blame Republicans for everything that is wrong. (I only blame Republicans for all of the stupid stuff they do, which I admit is a lot.)

Hillary says she will fight for a multitude of causes for her constituents. She is always fighting for something. Why didn’t she fight for her husband girlfriends? Maybe that’s why she comes across so angry and so mean. Wouldn’t it be better if she just said she was going to lead “ALL” Americans to a better life and a prosperous future? And then tell us how.


Politicians tell us they are “fighting” for us. The only politicians I have ever seen fight are those Bulgarians, or whoever they are, who get into fisticuffs and shoving matches on their legislative floor. I think the Canadians have done that as well.


“Politicians always remind us how hard they work for us. Really? I don’t think they know what work is, much less hard work. I’ve seen people work construction; work underground in mines; work in factories; stand for 10 hours in a beauty salon; and drive a truck all night. That’s hard work and at one-fifth the pay.”

I don’t want an angry presidentI don’t want a shouting, screamin’ meanie president. I don’t want a politician who a bank pays $675,000 to make 3 speeches. I don’t want a fundraiser president. I want a visionary president who will lead and implement my 20/20 Vision to restore American exceptionalism.


If you don’t see any more of my stupid articles you’ll know some fool paid me $675,000 to make some silly speeches. Thanks for reading.

Finally, an author who brings you solutions, instead of problems.

Americans have lost faith in their overreaching federal government. “We the People” don’t need to be overregulated or have their taxes misspent. Americans are victims of a crumbling economy, high prices and stagnant wages. They view government as bloated and politicians as corrupt. They do not trust the leadership at any level. They see politicians of both parties as self-centered narcissists whose only objective is re-election. The author is like you, with one principal difference and 20 reasons for optimism. His “Vision” of America is “clear.” It is a vision of the Constitution and America the way it could be, the way it should be. The author’s eyesight is twenty-twenty.



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    You’re right on the money Bill! I think Hillary could do anything she wanted and people that are devoted to her just look the other way! She is everything I would not want in a friend…….so why in the hell, would I want her as President? And frankly everyone I’ve spoken to about her feels the same way!! Carol

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