Benghazi: The Rest of the Forbidden Story

Now we know why Obama sent Susan Rice to the Sunday Morning News Shows. She was sent out to cover up, not the deaths of our four people in Benghazi, but to cover-up the planned sarin gas in Syria. Of course, the upcoming election was an important consideration as well. It would be tough to even convince the GOATS to vote for someone who was planning to gas little children to depose a dictator.

If you go back and read my previous articles on ISIS, Terror, IJETOF (Islamic Jihadist Extreme Terror Organization Franchises) and the evil of the Mid-East you will find I have given my readers the stories they cannot get from the MSM (Mainstream Media) or anywhere else. Now, I give you the rest of the forbidden story that will shake your belief in everything you were told to believe. Previous Articles

The Clinton/Syria Connection

It was reported in 2013 that there was a connection between then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the arms shipments to Syria. I have chronicled these events in previous articles using various sources. Since this is so difficult for many to believe, I suggest performing extensive research to learn just how corrupt, untrustworthy and evil our government officials are.

In 2013, top U.S. and Saudi Arabian officials were responsible for chemical weapons deployment in Syria. The evidence lead directly back to the White House. My extensive experience tells me, underlings do not do this kind of stuff without first telling the boss, or more than likely in this case without first being told by the boss to do it. No one will ever know unless a credible source comes forward.

Personally, I don’t think Obama formulated this plan, but I firmly believe he was complicit (helping to commit a crime or do wrong in some way)He was certainly complicit in the cover-up of the overall plot and plan to depose Bashar Hafez al-Assad (19th and current President of Syria since July 17, 2000.)

Two industry-leading U.S. analysts determined that these reports were correct. One news outlet reported “Obama has clearly been lying.”

Other sources concluded that the U.S. government’s public claims regarding the attack are inaccurate. One said, “The US Government’s interpretation of the technical intelligence it gathered prior to and after the August 21 attack cannot possibly be correct.”

The Benghazi Connection

The Benghazi role was to collect weapons from Libyan stockpiles and then ship them through Turkey and into Syria for a sarin-gas attack to frame Assad to validate the invasion of Syria, just as the US had invaded Libya to eliminate Gaddafi.

This was the purpose of the Hillary Clinton State Department’s operation in Libya. Hillary Clinton was running the show and her job description included doing to Syria what had already been done successfully in Libya. An ex-U.S. intelligence official stated the White House vetoed 35 Syrian targets because they were “insufficiently painful to the Assad regime.” The White House then issued a list of targets that included civilian infrastructure.


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Obama Lied. Syrians Were Targeted to Die.

How many Syrian citizens would have been murdered if the White House’s proposed strikes had been carried out? No doubt, they would ignore civilian casualties. Hillary Clinton would have no problem with this killing spree. The mindset was that U.S. attacks are okay, or even desired, to terrorize a population into surrender. Mass murder is not an issue except for the PR people.

The Obsession

No one knows why Obama and Hillary Clinton were so obsessed with replacing Ghaddafi and Assad. I doubt we will ever truly know. My theory is: who will profit the most? We all know the obvious answer to that – the bankers who paid enormous speaking fees to Hillary Clinton will profit the most.

Could it be about the oil? I always follow the money. It leads me in the right direction every time. How about a billion-dollar gas pipeline? Could this be the reason for this confusing mess in the Mid-East? Who would finance the pipeline? Why is no one talking about the pipeline? Perhaps they do not want us to know the true story. Does anyone smell a Russian here? 

Despite the efforts of the Hillary Clinton State Department and the Barrack Obama White House, the Trans-Arabia pipeline still doesn’t exist. Obama, via Hillary Clinton, was the first U.S. president to seriously push for the Syrian regime change needed for the pipeline to come through Syria.

Does anyone wonder why a pipeline is good for Syria, but bad for North Dakota? I’ll have answers in future articles. Keep watching and thanks for reading.

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