Bill Muckler appears on the Scott Adams Show to discuss the recent terrorist attacks on Paris and student protesting at the University of Missouri

On Friday November 13, the world watched in horror as six separate suicide-bomber terrorist attacks were perpetrated in Paris, killing 129 people and injuring over 352 with at least 99 of these individuals sustaining serious injuries.


ISIS has since claimed responsibility for the six attacks. The targeted sites included the Stade de France where French President Francois Hollande was watching a soccer game, the Bataclan, a concert hall where the lion share of the fatalities took place, the restaurant Le Petit Cambodge in the 10th district and outside the bar La Belle Equipe in the 11th district. Additional attacks also took place on Rue de la Fontaine du Roi and Avenue de la Republique, both located within the vicinity of the 10th and 11th districts. Read the complete article

Like what you hear? I invite you to listen to the extended interview.


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Finally, an author who brings you solutions, instead of problems.

Americans have lost faith in their overreaching federal government. “We the People” don’t need to be overregulated or have their taxes misspent. Americans are victims of a crumbling economy, high prices and stagnant wages. They view government as bloated and politicians as corrupt. They do not trust the leadership at any level. They see politicians of both parties as self-centered narcissists whose only objective is re-election. The author is like you, with one principal difference and 20 reasons for optimism. His “Vision” of America is “clear.” It is a vision of the Constitution and America the way it could be, the way it should be. The author’s eyesight is twenty-twenty.

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