October 31, 2017

Killing Obamacare

Antonio Galis, an insurance agent from Sunshine Life and Health Advisors, discusses with a client plans available in the third year of the Affordable Care Act at a store setup in the Mall of the Americas on Nov. 2, 2015, in Miami. (Image Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images) America, I’m getting screwed. I’m paying sixty (60) percent more for my health insurance now than I was in 2015. I checked this when I heard average costs are

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January 23, 2017

6th Best or 44th Best US President? You Decide

If you have read my previous articles you know that I am a Racist. So, with that out of the way, let’s examine the love/hate relationship Number 44 has with America’s snowflakes and cupcakes otherwise known as the Goofy Obama Adoration Team (GOAT) and then I will do what I abhor most. Giving grades to politicians, athletes, etc. Barrack Hussein Obama will go down as the 1st African-American US President. His father was born in

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August 13, 2016

Recession? or Recovery?

The absence of terror attacks has turned the politicians and the propagandists into once again discussing the economy. News of the 1.2 percent growth of the Gross National Product on Friday, August 5, 2016 fanned the flames a tiny bit. This will last until the candidates and the mainstream media find something else to wrap their shallow minds around.Something like the last stupid statement the Donald made; or news about Hillary’s emails or some lie

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July 23, 2016

Quantitative Easing or Quantitative Fraud?

I was listening to the news on the radio on our drive back from Mass last Saturday evening. There was a news story about the economy, the National Debt (Capitalized because it is HUGE), interest rates, money supply and Quantitative Easing. Actually, not all of the above stuff was in the story, but the story alluded to all of this if one really paid attention and understood what is happening to our currency in America.The

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July 18, 2016

I am a Most Unhappy Man

It’s not easy being a big bank these days. Consumers hate them, shareholders have beef with them and regulators can’t figure out what to do with them. — Halah Touryalai, Forbes StaffWe hear it every day. The Democrats wage war on the Republicans by stating that the income gap is greater than ever before. They shout executives make millions while the employees make minimum wage. It’s not fair, they say.Raise the minimum wage and life will

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July 6, 2016

Billionaires for Open Borders

The Muckster has been hearing so much about open borders recently that he decided to look into it and find out who really wants to open up the borders. First of all, what in the heck are open borders anyway? Stupid question? Yeah, I guess so.The country appears to be divided on the subject. Some want any and all people to be able to enter the USA, or any country for that matter, at will.

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February 19, 2016

Powerball: The American Stupid Tax

The “American Stupid Tax” has already accomplished two monumental things in this young year of 2016. People are paying more money into another failed government program while the payouts decrease. Okay, you think the Muckster has really lost it this time. You point out that the Powerball Payout is up to $1.3 billion – the highest in recorded history. What’s not to like? I’ve painted myself into the proverbial corner. Now I have to explain the unexplainable

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February 18, 2016

My Culture: Right or Wrong

The politicians and the media have their panties in a bunch. They don’t know how to destroy the outspoken Donald. While many may not think Trump will be nominated for the presidency, or they may not like the manner in which he speaks, he is certainly resonating across America, what most of us think of as the “Real America.” Let’s face it. The media doesn’t speak for “We the People.” They have no clue how

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February 13, 2016

Liberty And Freedom

I’ll never forget a sunny Saturday morning in June 1958 when a group of tanned, chiseled candidates stood to take the oath of an Officer in the United States Marine Corps. I still remember solemnly swearing with pride to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. That oath was taken with joy in a nation filled with an enthusiastic spirit, full of energy and excitement over the bountiful prospects that lie

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