May 4, 2016

Sister Sally’s Miraculous Escape from Evil

The Miraculous Escape of Sister Sally Is ISIS the Face of Evil? If not, what is? Why did Sister Sally live to tell this story? People found it hard to believe after World War II that some fellow human beings could be so evil. The manner in which ISIS members are carrying out their genocide of Christians in the Mid-East, Asia, Africa, Indonesia and worldwide is even more brutal and evil than that of the

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February 17, 2016

Bill Muckler appears on Jim Brown’s “Common Sense Sunday” Radio Show

Where’s the common sense in America today? We have record deficits, and spending is out of control in both Washington and in state capitols across the country. Americans overwhelming have lost confidence in both political parties. Our elected officials constantly vote along party lines with little regard for the public interest. The average citizen is too often confused and just doesn’t know who to trust. Jim Brown is a radio voice of reason on the

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Media Plays Gotcha with Ben

Chuck Todd of NBC pushed the plunger on “Meet the Press” to detonate the media last Sunday when he asked Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson if he thinks Roe v. Wade. should be overturned. Dr. Carson said he would not support abortion under even controversial circumstances. Asked if he would make allowances for rape and incest, Ben said “no.” Dr. Carson went on to say, “During slavery, a lot of the slave owners thought that

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