July 14, 2017

I Was Wrong, It Got Worse

How could “Swamp Talk” get any worse. Let’s look and see what’s happening around the country. We have heard Obama telling everyone around the world how great he is and how bad Trump is, well about everything. Obama broke tradition by badmouthing ‘Bush 43’ while he was president. Now he is breaking tradition by badmouthing Trump while he is in office. The GOATs love him for it. But then they are enamored by anything low

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July 11, 2017

Media Bias Nurtured by the First Amendment

Hypocrisy abounds when J-School elites collude amongst themselves while perpetuating the modern day “con.” They write they are sanctioned to expand their First Amendment rights because their idiotic ideology has driven them to new heights of insanity while protecting the destitute downtrodden their absurdity has created. Yes, the elite Shady Stream Media (SSM) are all in on this game of “fool the folks” to purchase money and power for their scumbag politicians. Congress shall make

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December 12, 2016

It Never Happened

Believe it or not, this past week never happened. It is the Friday after Thanksgiving Dinner. We are watching the many events and news that never happened. Wow, this stuff is difficult to keep up with. America, and most likely the entire planet, is in the same predicament. What is true? What is false? What is reality? What have we been told that has been totally made up? Fake is the new normal.What got this

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