January 16, 2017

44 – We Never Knew You

While watching TV, and reading the hype about the great lovefest of the last eight years, I decided to examine the major issues to determine the real facts. I’ll present those in my next article, although I’m believe we know them all by now. I’m confident this will not be a well-received article by some, but hey, the story is straight from the self-centered mouth. Outgoing President Barak Obama, the US 44th president gave his

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May 24, 2016

Dysfunction in the Bathroom

In 20/20: A Clear Vision for America I wrote: The United States is at a crisis point. Dysfunction in Washington is rampant. The economy is crumbling. The country is on the wrong course. Solutions are scarce and appear unwanted by politicians. This book, “20/20: A Clear Vision for America” brings rock-solid solutions to make our nation prosperous again, explains how to reinstate our Constitution, and how to give our children and grandchildren a bright future.

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February 19, 2016

The President’s Last Day

I recently attended a Christmas Party and had the typical questions put before me. “Who are you voting for to be our next president, or some such variation.” I then give my standard answer. “I have not seen any one candidate that has exhibited the type of leadership I see as required to lead this great republic; and I have not heard one candidate elaborate a vision or a plan as extensive or brilliant as

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The President’s Second Day

Now that you know what the new president has accomplished on the first day, you may wonder who perpetuated the myth of the “first one hundred days in office.” What a joke. First 100 days. Get real. Get to work. As the new president, I will read the Presidential Daily Brief (PDB). This is a highly secret document that only I and handful of top advisors will see and then attend the daily meeting during

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The President’s First Day

What should the president do on the first day in office? Walk in a parade? Give a Speech? Attend innumerable banquets and parties? How about this for a novel way to start the new job. Go to work! New presidents have a transition team. I guess there is a lot to transition with such a large unwieldly government to take over. Here’s another novel idea. Streamline the government. The backbone of the country’s broken. We’re

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Executive Orders Run Amuck

If anybody knows about anything about “mucking” things up, it is your faithful servant and muckster. I have heard my name pronounced in more flavors than anyone could image. I’ve made it my calling in life to “muck it up” for the politicians and the media. Actually, they are mucking up America, I’m just attempting to keep the readers current with their mucking efforts. How’s this for a mucking nightmare? The Obama Administration has overseen more than

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February 18, 2016

My Glass didn’t Runneth Over

I watched President Obama on the Monday evening TV news deliver his address from the LeBourget, France on “Climate Change.” I listened attentively as he described the devastating effects of “Climate Change” on just about everything including the polar icecap on the state of Alaska. The president stated that Alaskan cities and shores were being destroyed by this massive meltdown. Doom and gloom have arrived in full force. I have to save the planet.  

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