October 16, 2016

Read Why I am a Racist

The Muckster is learning new stuff every day. Almost as fast as I am losing friends. But that’s okay. I am fulfilling my vision of bringing news to all of us unwashed, mindless souls who are still clinging to our guns and bibles. News that most of us do not see delivered by the Mainstream media (MSM). What Did I Learn Today? Today, I learned that I am a racist. How do I know? I

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February 17, 2016

Mizzou Pamper Raids

Before I enrolled at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri there were stories of riotous “Panty Raids” on campus. Student unrest was pandemic. Alas, all of this came to screeching halt before I arrived. Our president was Frederick Middlebush, affectionately known as Freddie Centershrub. Male students were shameless sexists who offended female students; beer flowed in the frat houses; the confederate flag was flown at football games; and “Dixie” was sung more often than

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