October 18, 2017

TLBTV: The American Vision Welcomes – Gubernatorial Candidate Merissa Hamilton

With TLBTV Show Host: Bill Muckler Merissa Hamilton is a business professional in Information Technology for 17 years with a proven track record of using innovation to cut out waste and help companies succeed. She has solutions to apply this experience to state government whereby returning value to the citizens. She believes in expanding economic freedom to help get Arizonans off government assistance and back on the path to prosperity is best. She has been

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February 19, 2016

Powerball: The American Stupid Tax

The “American Stupid Tax” has already accomplished two monumental things in this young year of 2016. People are paying more money into another failed government program while the payouts decrease. Okay, you think the Muckster has really lost it this time. You point out that the Powerball Payout is up to $1.3 billion – the highest in recorded history. What’s not to like? I’ve painted myself into the proverbial corner. Now I have to explain the unexplainable

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The President’s Last Day

I recently attended a Christmas Party and had the typical questions put before me. “Who are you voting for to be our next president, or some such variation.” I then give my standard answer. “I have not seen any one candidate that has exhibited the type of leadership I see as required to lead this great republic; and I have not heard one candidate elaborate a vision or a plan as extensive or brilliant as

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The President’s First Day

What should the president do on the first day in office? Walk in a parade? Give a Speech? Attend innumerable banquets and parties? How about this for a novel way to start the new job. Go to work! New presidents have a transition team. I guess there is a lot to transition with such a large unwieldly government to take over. Here’s another novel idea. Streamline the government. The backbone of the country’s broken. We’re

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