Idiotic Ideology Drives Shooter to Insanity

I have been saying, and writing, for years that this idiotic political ideology is driving people insane. Perhaps more Americans will come to understand my point of view.

In January 2017, Tim Kaine, Democrat candidate for vice president, encouraged Democrats to “fight in the streets” against Trump and Republicans. Before the shooting on Wednesday, June 14, 2017 Rep. Ron DeSantis was asked by James T. Hodgkinson, the shooter, if the people on the field were “Republicans or Democrats.” He then came back shooting. Shooting Republicans.

Ready on the Right? Ready on the Left? Ready on the Firing Line?

We have witnessed countless protest marches and riots promoted by the “communist-like” tactics of the Democrat political party’s left-wing ideology of hate. Could we expect anything different to occur? The violent rhetoric from the left has achieved its purpose. We have violence in the streets, on the ball fields, everywhere.

Trump Assassination Gets Standing Ovation

The audience gave a standing ovation for the simulation of the assassination of the President of The United States at a play. A deranged comedienne holds up a beheaded likeness of the president. I can cite hundreds of violent examples. You have heard them all, but did you put it together to determine the root cause of this violent incivility?


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Raising Losers to Become Sore Losers

Our politicians, education system and the Shady Stream Media are holding a losing hand on the poker table of graciousness. Their Regressive ideology disguised as Progressive is “all in. If you can’t get your way, throw a temper tantrum. Better yet, get violent. Use a weapon, then blame the NRA or the conservatives.

Hodgkinson took a Democrat ballot in the primary election in 2016. He is a member of anti-Republican groups on Facebook, including one called “Terminate the Republican Party.” Others are “The Road to Hell is Paved with Republicans,” “Donald Trump is not my President,” “President Bernie Sanders,” “Illinois Berners United to Resist Trump,” “Boycott the Republican Party,” and “Expose Republican Fraud.” That’s a lot of hate.

The story was less than an hour old before the left’s violent rhetoric was unleashed. Governor McAuliffe of Virginia clumsily called for gun control. The left is collectively and publicly embracing homicide as a political solution. George Soros is injecting hundreds of millions of dollars into the United States to put us on this inevitable evil path towards civil war. How long will it take?

Just Another Democrat Doing “D” Work for the Party

Hodgkinson apparently owns a home inspection business in Belleville, IL though his license expired in November 2016 and was not renewed. He was charged with battery and aiding damage to a motor vehicle in April 2006 according to records in St. Clair County, Illinois. The charges were dismissed.

Restaurant owner Charles Orear knows Hodgkinson through work they did together in Iowa on Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.  Orear described Hodgkinson as “more on the really progressive side of things,” as well as being “a quiet guy” and “very mellow, very reserved.” Sounds like a time bomb the Democrat political machine was determined to detonate.

How Did This Shooting Advance the Cause?

Does losing an election require people of a different political party to be shot just to prove a political point. The Left has become rabid since President Trump is in office. The GOATs will do anything in their power to stop him from doing his job. Kaine must be feeling ecstatic now that he has achieved his goal of getting his lackeys to take the fight to the streets.

Should we speculate on how many others are going to become victims of this insane idiotic ideology? How many people must be shot before Kaine, Clinton, Obama and Soros are satiated. Who will stop these psychopaths from trying to inject their political ideology on America? Can they be cured of this lunacy? Can they ever get over losing to Trump? That’s a good question.

We could have done something about this evil eons ago. We would have done something about if we had paid attention. We should have done something about it but we were too enamored with our own ideology.

Stay tuned. The Muckster is monitoring the political insane asylums. I am here to lead you out of this violent past and into a calm future with 20/20: A Clear Vision for Our future. Check it out. Be part of the narrative.

Read more of my “casual sarcastic” articles to discover that I am an equal opportunity critic of all types of anarchy and nonsense. Check out the blog.

Spiritus meus es tu. Ego semper fidelis. (52.9-9.0)

God Bless us all and God Save our America from this insane violenceOur Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our American Flag, our culture, our country, our civilization, our currency, our children, our liberty, our safety and our future need you now more than ever.

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