My Case for Christ

I am so thankful that I know that my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, has me in His hands. Yes I believe and yes, I take my faith very seriously and yes, I worship as that is an uppermost priority in my life.

I can cite many instances for why I believe in Christ Jesus and I am sure many of you can as well, however, I am interested in a book and movie “The Case for Christ” written in 1998 by Lee Strobel, a reporter for the Chicago Tribune and a graduate of Yale Law School. "The Case for Christ: A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus" is the work of Strobel who had formerly been an atheist and was compelled by his wife's conversion to evangelical Christianity to refute the key Christian claims about Jesus.

As we are at the end of the Lenten season and are solemnly and prayerfully preparing for Easter Sunday we must ask ourselves, are the four accounts of the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John real or carefully contrived works of Science-Fiction.

The principal event of Christianity is Jesus' resurrection. In “The Case for Christ” Strobel claims the belief in Jesus as the literal Son of God and the accuracy of the New Testament writings. Strobel was unable to refute these claims to his satisfaction, and therefore converted to Christianity as well. His book became one of the bestselling works of Christian apologists (a defense of the reasonableness and accuracy of Christianity) of all time.

On Friday, April 7, a motion picture adaptation of "The Case for Christ" was released. Lainey and I will see this movie on Good Friday Evening. The movie attempts to make a compelling case for historicity of Jesus' resurrection. One character says to Strobel early in the movie, "If the resurrection of Jesus didn't happen, it's (Christianity) a house of cards."

Are Strobel's Claims Genuine?

The movie claims that its central focus is on the evidence for the historicity of Jesus' resurrection. There are more than 5,000 Greek manuscripts of the New Testament in existence, far more than any other ancient writings. Although some of the manuscripts were copied as late as the 10th century, how could this much work be performed over an invention?

What do the New Testament writings prove?

The New Testament writing known as First Corinthians, written by the Apostle Paul is thought to have written this letter around the year 52, about 20 years after Jesus' death. In 1 Corinthians 15:3-8, Paul gives a list of people to whom the risen Jesus appeared.

These witnesses to the resurrected Jesus include the Apostles and more than 500 people at the same time. This epistle demonstrates the belief that Jesus was raised from the dead and they had seen him alive only weeks or months after his death. The earliest followers of Jesus believed that Jesus had come back to life, in the body, that had real bodily characteristics that could be seen, touched and heard.


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Some Say This is Not Proof

While it is not unusual for people to see loved ones who have died, the sightings of the risen Jesus are not nearly as unique as Strobel would suggest. However, it is different from large groups of people claiming to see an apparition of the Virgin Mary or a UFO.

Strobel states that the resurrection is the best explanation for the fact that Jesus' tomb was empty on Easter morning. If we assume that the tomb really was empty that morning it was a miracle and not that Christ's body was moved.

Strobel interviewed scholars and other professionals about the historicity of Jesus' resurrection. In the book, he characterizes them as leading scholars and authorities who have impeccable academic credentials. Strobel said there are plenty of credentialed scholars who would agree the evidence for the resurrection is sufficient to establish its accuracy. Of course, many scholars disagree, but then again, they were not in Jerusalem at the time of Christ’s death either. It comes down to a matter of faith. One can believe, or one can disbelieve.

My Case for Christianity

I can choose to believe or not believe. I can choose to worship, or not worship. It is truly voluntary. No one is forcing me to believe and worship as no one is forcing more than seventy-five percent of Americans to believe and no one is forcing more than two billion people, or one-third of the Earth’s population to believe.

How could that many people participate in a hoax that has existed for 2 centuries? In Strobel’s book, he claims secular scholars simply refuse to believe that miracles can happen, and that stance means that they will never accept the truth of the resurrection, no matter how much evidence is provided.

"The Case for Christ" provides evidence to prove Jesus' resurrection. It is up to us to believe, or not. I hope you will all join me in my quest for love and peace.

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    I’m with you on the issues you discussed. Should be clear to all critical thinking individuals.

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