Vetting Ain’t Happening Folks!

What exactly is this vetting everyone is talking about?

Vet is a verb meaning: make a careful and critical examination of (something). Vetting is a: gerund or present participle.

Synonyms are: check, examine, scrutinize, investigate, inspect, look over, screen, assess, evaluate, appraise; informal check out

THE BRITISH: investigate (someone) thoroughly, especially to ensure that they are suitable for a job requiring secrecy, loyalty, or trustworthiness.

What’s the first Trump proposal?

President Trump called for a new screening test in a speech in Youngstown, Ohio. He branded it as “extreme, extreme vetting,” designed to keep out anyone who does not share “American Values” and who is not prepared to “embrace a tolerant American society.” Until such a test is ready, he said, the U.S. should temporarily suspend immigration from countries that have histories of spawning terrorists.

Yep. That makes a lot of sense. Nothing a reasonable or responsible person would quibble with. Many presidents from Teddy Roosevelt to present have said the same thing in so many words.

A “Thorough Vetting” Process I prefer to call it a “thorough vetting” process. But then, “what difference does it make at this point in time?” It ain’t happening. No one is vetting. Nobody.


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The Vetting Myth, or The Reality of Vetting

The seven countries in question, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen do not have central governments, or at least central governments the way Americans know them. So why is this important?

It is important because there is no central agency to control who enters or exits their countries via their airports or seaports. In plain English, this means there is no one to ‘vet’ or make a careful and critical examination of who these people are.

Enter the United Nations

Yeah, those guys who we give billions to, who do not like us, and will do anything they can to undermine the United States. They are supposed to do the vetting. You didn’t hear the mainstream media tell you that, did you? I doubt the UN are as effective at vetting as they were in Mogadishu in 1993. That is, if any vetting is accomplished. If so, it most likely follows these lines:

UN: What is your name? Traveler: My name is Saeed al-Nami.

UN: May I see your Identification papers? Traveler: We don’t have Birth Certificates or Passports in my country. We have no government to issue them. UN: Are you a terrorist? or affiliated with any terrorist organizations?

Traveler: Of course not. (Of course, their religion instructs them to lie.)

UN: Thank you. You are free to proceed to the European City of your choice where you can then travel to the country you loathe, the USA.

If someone really was coming here to do us harm, do we really believe they would answer that question honestly?” said Doris Meissner, a senior fellow at the Migration Policy Institute and commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service under former President Bill Clinton.

The Original Executive Order

Trump’s executive order had two major components. It suspended entry of all refugees who want to resettle in the United States for 120 days and barred refugees from Syria indefinitely. It also prohibited nearly all citizens from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen from entering the United States for 90 days.

Countries Identified by Obama

These are the seven countries Obama identified as dangerous countries. Countries that have been torn apart by civil war and attacks by IJETOF.

Reince Priebus, a Wisconsin native, appeared Jan. 29, 2017 on NBC’s "Meet the Press" and said;

Here’s the deal: If you're coming in and out of one of those seven countries -- by the way, identified by the Obama administration as the seven most dangerous countries in the world in regard to harboring terrorists and affirmed by Congress multiple times -- then you're going to be subjected temporarily with more questioning until a better program is put in place over the next several months.

Would This Make America Safer?

Who knows? Trump wants to use the immigration system to keep out people who believe the tenets of radical Islamist ideology.

Is Trump’s Plan Legal?

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 gives the president and the executive branch sweeping powers to deny entry to anyone who would be “detrimental to the interests of the U.S.” That appears to apply here. The law cites a host of reasons for rejecting would-be immigrants, including support or association with terrorist organizations or membership in “totalitarian” political parties. Some of those provisions, on assessing potentially dangerous political beliefs, date from the Cold War.

Can We Please Control America First?

Until we can determine who resides within our borders, we should not allow additional unknown foreign nationals to enter the United States of America. When we know those answers, it will be time to begin a measured immigration process. Patience is always a virtue.

Read 20/20: A Clear Vision for America. You will find all the answers in my book.

Spiritus meus es tu. Ego semper fidelis. (51.0-9.4)

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