Where did All of those Toyota Pick-ups Come From?

The following is the first installment in a series of articles that depict the foundation of ISIS; the continuing saga of the “Pedal to the Metal” Islamic Jihad Extremist Terrorism Organization Franchises (IJETOF) movement in southwestern Asia and Africa; and the unending deaths of our brave patriots.

Whenever the Muckster sees an ISIS story on TV, or reads and internet article on ISIS, the scene always starts with an endless parade of Toyota pickup trucks. As I observe the waving of the black ISIS flags, I start to wonder: where in the heck did they get all of those Toyota trucks? They’re all new and shiny.

There has to be an explanation. Did the ISIS Fleet Manager get a volume discount? Is there a local Toyota dealer in Syria or Iraq with ISIS ties? Did they take over a dealership in Raqqa? Did they rent them at the Hertz counter, or the Avis counter, at the Raqqa airport? Did they have to pay for insurance? Are they insured by Progressive? These are the type of questions that I need answers for?

ABC News tells us “Toyota Hilux pickups, an overseas model similar to the Toyota Tacoma, and Toyota Land Cruisers have become fixtures in videos of the ISIS campaign in Iraq, Syria and Libya, with their truck beds loaded with heavy weapons and cabs jammed with terrorists.”

Hey. If you want to be a jihadist, why not drive a nice truck? I wonder if they need a CDL License in the Islamic State of Levant (Syria, Iraq and the whole region) like we do in Florida? Do U.S. counter-terrorism officials know the answers? I think they know. I don’t think they want us to know. What now? The Muckster to the rescue.

Toyota reports they do not know where ISIS acquired these pickups. Really? Don’t they the warranty info cards in their files? But they tell us they are going to assist the Terror Financing unit of the U.S. Treasury Department in its investigation. Sure they are. They still want to sell pickups in the USA.

I’m going to put my head on the chopping block and say ISIS might be stealing or capturing the Toyota trucks. Or maybe, just maybe, someone gave them to them. Gosh, I wonder who that could have been?

By the way, ISIS also drives Humvees, mine resistant trucks and other vehicles given to the American trained Iraqi forces. They are the guys who we see running to the rear. You know, those same guys who have a habit of losing men, equipment, trucks, weapons, missiles, guns and cities whenever ISIS finds them. It is estimated that about 2,300 militarized Humvees were lost by Iraqi forces during one battle. That’s a lot Humvees!

We have seen videos of ISIS insurgents using former U.S. militarized vehicles to display and parade the innocent folks they behead, burn and otherwise smash. Read my blog article: http://2020americabook.com/sister-sallys-miraculous-escape-from-evil/

When the US State Department recently resumed sending non-lethal aid to Syrian rebels, the delivery list included 43 Toyota trucks. Hiluxes were on the Free Syrian Army’s wish list. Oubai Shahbander, a Washington-based advisor to the Syrian National Coalition, “loves him some” Toyotas! The Toyota Hiluxes are referred to as force enablers for the moderate opposition forces on the ground. Shahbander says the US-supplied pickups will be delivering troops and supplies into battle. Some of the fleet will even become battlefield weapons.


Okay, but the Muckster wants to know, for who. Many of those trucks will be mounted with crew-served machine guns, military equipment and who knows, maybe machetes that ISIS will want. I mean, that’s one of the reasons why the Toyota Hilux is such an important force multiplier, because it could be used both for humanitarian purposes and for operational purposes as well. Syria is not the only place where the Hilux is a vehicle of choice. The BBC’s Kabul correspondent, David Loyn, saw the Hilux put through its paces by the Taliban in the 1990s, and credits the truck with having given Taliban forces a battlefield edge. Yeah, we saw them on TV as well.

ISIS rolls into Palmyra and Ramadi

We’ve seen, with our own TV eyes, ISIS rolling into Palmyra and other cities in Syria. We watched their endless procession of Toyotas parade into Ramadi and other Iraqi cities that our brave men and women shed blood and treasure to secure for the new Iraqi government. Now ISIS drives in with flags unfurled in their shiny new Toyotas.

American, British and other western forces are “back home again in Iraqi,” to destroy the “Pedal to the Metal” Islamic Jihad Extremist Terrorism Organization Franchises (IJETOF) formerly known as the bin Laden Franchise al-Qaida in Iraq. (I made up the IJETOF acronym. Hey the ‘gummint’ does it all of the time. That’s why we pay them the big bucks.) You can pronounce it “I Jet Off.” Don’t let your mind wander into dangerous territory with this one!

ISIS gobbled up huge chunks of Iraqi and Syrian terrain and declared themselves an Islamic caliphate. A caliphate is an Islamic state led by a supreme religious as well as political leader known as a caliph. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is the leader, self- appointed caliph, of this jihadist militant organization known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which controls territory in western Iraq, Syria, as well as in Libya.

He was born on July 28, 1971 in Samarra, Iraq. His spouse (?) is Asma Fawzi Mohammed al-DulaimiIsraa Rajab Mahal Al-Qaisi. He is 44 years of age and was educated at the Iraqi UniversityUniversity of Baghdad. This is one really bad guy.

The borders than once existed between these countries, and who knows what others, is now non-existent. The ISIS Caliphate is a political, religious, cultural, moral theocratic government organization that rules over all the of territory it has seized. It has taken ownership of everything it can control by military force, brutality and coercion. In other words, they got the land and the Toyota pickup trucks to terrorize the inhabitants of that land. Not the kind of entrepreneurs we have in America.

17,891 died from Terrorists in 2015. Of this total, 19 were Americans. 19 too many. 4,486 American armed forces personnel died in Iraq. Approximately 1,000,000 were wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. Trillions of US taxpayer dollars were spent in the Iraqi War. Was all of this blood and treasure wasted by the Obama administration when they arbitrarily and capriciously pulled out of Iraq for pure political reasons? Yes, it was wasted and to compound this egregious decision making, the decision to leave Iraq directly led to the continuing establishment and expansion of the ISIS Caliphate.

So who gave ISIS all of those Toyota pickup trucks?

Watch for the continuing, shocking and astounding story of the foundation of ISIS and how Obama and Clinton got ISIS all of those Toyota pickup trucks at: 2020americabook.com

God Bless us all and God Bless America. We need you now more than ever.




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  • Gary Volosin Reply

    Sorry Bill, but I don’t buy the insinuation that Obama and Clinton had ay direct responsibility for arming ISIS with hybrid, war ready Toyotas…….my research has shown that that they were purchased w/ drug cartel money.
    It is now easier for the Mexican cartels to smuggle drugs to Africa and with the protection of ISIS to further open routs to reach all of Europe to which they are handsomely paid.
    ISIS is not short of cash, it is plentiful, so having all that cash gives them advantage to buy whatever the need, including political influence, weapons, tanks , whatever….,including super hybrid Toyotas that like anything else in life will go to the highest bidder. Proving further truth that all money breeds corruption and greed….it’s the evil in all men!

  • JCAL Reply

    He that looks just like the trucks and weapons DOS gave Global Group Security Contractors in Iraq in 2003/4. Send me an email if you want a picture of my platoon vehicles/gear when I worked as a security contractor for DOS in Iraq.

  • charleskafka Reply

    i want to know where the state dept bought the vehicles,
    was it directly from toyota in japan? or was it through a state’s side dealer..

  • James Williamson Reply

    Anyone who doesn’t realize that ISIS is a tool of Israeli and US American imperialism is simply not doing their homework. (They’re watching the idiot box instead, like the vast majority of US Americans do everyday of their lives. That’s why they are the least informed people on the planet.) Using ABC News as a source for anything is pretty shabby journalism and research. ISIS is US. The so-called caliphate will serve as a transition space for the Yinon Plan (that is, if Russia, China and Iran allow us to get away with it.) The slimy Muslim Brotherhood (a “death cult” as F. William Engdahl refers to it in his books, has been deep beneath the sheets with the CIA for decades now. Like the unconstitutional ‘Department of Homeland Security,’ the CIA is NOT our friend. It was set up by slimy Wall Street attorneys to advance the brutal and murderous imperial agenda of our corporations at its inception and it needs to be dismantled immediately, as John Kiriakou has suggested, along with the equally slimy RAND corporation and the Council on Foreign Relations. ALL the think tanks, and certainly the scum-sucking Neocons, who are both Democrat and Republican, and many of them dual-citizens of the US and Israel. As John Pilger, Christopher C. Black and others who are close to the working realities of the neoliberal global corporatocracy and their legal framework know too well, the “war on terror” is a geopolitical fraud (and money-making scheme) for the 1% and the banksters. Incidentally, to blame only Clinton and Obama is so far from the reality (even though they deserve huge amounts of blame certainly, especially Obama) is to lower oneself to the childish level of playing party politics, not to mention failing to see our broader problem for what it is: deeply institutional and non-partisan. Time for US Americans to get a clue.

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