20/20: A Clear Vision For Our Future (Hardcover) Edition


20/20: A Clear Vision for Our Future was written to remind the reader of the normal past and to project this normality into what the future should look like for Our Republic. This book covers the history of Our Constitution, the values of ownership and freedom and how these concepts shaped America. Restore Our Constitution, Respect Our Culture and Reclaim Our Country for our children and their children.

A Call to Action.

Significant insight and perspective into the value of Our Ownership of Our Constitution, Our Culture and Our Country.

This is an in-depth study of why Our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Ten Commandments and Capitalism establish why they are so much more important for the future success of our citizens and their Republic than the new abnormal, socialism, communism and Sharia will not work in America.

  • The Constitution protects citizens from Government.
  • Our Constitution Guarantees the Rule of Law.
  • Ownership is a basic human right.
  • The 2nd Amendment: the Sacred Amendment.
  • Capitalism is based on freedom of thought.
  • Profits promote growth and wealth.
  • American and Christian Lives Matter
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2020: A Clear Vision for Our Future explains the thinking behind the solutions that captivated readers of 20/20: A Clear Vision for America. The author expands on the issues and solutions and provides the reasoning behind the solutions required to make America the country it could be once again. The author writes words a reader may have read before, but no reader has ever read these words in the manner in which they are presented. The new abnormal culture, the deep state, socialism and shariah are exposed. The narration is easy to read dialogue; however the context and perspective are deeper than the Mariana Trench.

Not a book for easily offended snowflakes. Become a patriot ready to restore, respect and reclaim our sovereignty. This is your book that you have long been waiting for. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Author, VeteBill-Buckler-Bio-01ran, Visionary, Entrepreneur, Problem Solver

Bill Muckler was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. He graduated from Christian Brothers College High School (an Army Junior ROTC School). He received a B.A. in Psychology (Personnel Management) from the University of Missouri-Columbia. While at Mizzou he spent two years in the Army ROTC.

Upon graduation, Bill successfully completed the USMC Officer Candidate Course in Quantico, Virginia and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant. He spent four and one-half years on active duty and then eleven years as a Ready Reservist. He holds the permanent rank of Captain and held a Top Secret Security Clearance.

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