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20/20: A Clear Vision for Our Future

Join me in the 20/20 Vision Movement. This new book, “20/20: A Clear Vision for Our Future” is my 2nd book which utilizes the Constitution, American History and visionary analysis to describe the America we should live in today; and the America we must leave for our descendants; not the America that is being destroyed by massive debt, over-regulation and moral decay.


20/20: A Clear Vision for Our Future explores: ownership in America; the meaning of freedom and liberty; our legacy for our children; all Americans uniting as one nation; and many more topics in this aggressive call to action to alert us to change America’s destiny using:

• non-biased,
• non-ideological,
• independent solutions in a compelling, easy to read narrative.

Join forces with the four characters in this campaign to truly make this a united patriotic effort. I am researching and writing a second book in the 20/20 series to be published by year end.

I will be honored when my family, friends and fellow patriots contribute to the “20/20 Vision Movement” by adding realism through their editing input, insight, perspective, suggestions and ideas. Don’t be left out of this exciting new project.


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