Continued Contributions


Join the author to be a vital associate in the 20/20 Vision Movement which includes Authorship of Books, Newsletters and Articles plus hosting a TV Show on YouTube. Your contributions allows distribution of all products as to veterans, active duty personnel and other charities.


The 20/20 Vision, also The American Vision is a project created by the author to provide insight and perspective into the damage the political establishment has done to Our American Experiment and then provide common sense solutions using proven leadership and managerial principles and techniques. A Clear Vision for Our Future further explores the thinking behind the 20/20 Vision to include: ownership in America; the meaning of freedom and liberty; our legacy for our children; all Americans uniting as one nation; and many more topics in this aggressive call to action to alert us to change America’s destiny using:

• non-biased,
• non-ideological,
• independent solutions in a compelling, easy to read narrative.

Join forces with the many four characters in this campaign who debate and discuss the America we truly want to actually make this a united patriotic effort. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

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