Where there is no vision, the people perish:" Proverbs 29:18

"Where there is no American Vision, The American people will perish."


The Map and Chain

Substantial solutions to regain our liberty and freedom. Common sense answers to create a bright future for our children.

Visualize, with the author, a strong, heavy golden chain with more than 320 million links stretching from sea to shining sea. Then imagine each citizen as a link in this golden chain. Each link holds this republic together, making it durable. Each citizen/link in the chain must be a bright, polished, strong link whether in the private or public sector. Everyone has a vital role to play in the success of America. Each individual is equally important even though each has a different role to play and has different responsibilities. All must be involved in this experiment we call America and pull their own weight. If they do not, the chain must be constantly repaired and strengthened, or it will eventually fail.

Reboot or Suffer Continual Corruption

Imagine, in this high tech age of electronics and computers, stuff clogging up the system. Computers eventually become digital junk drawers. To unclog the clutter, one has to reboot, defrag or run disk clean-up to erase corrupted files on the computer. Keep the operating system. It works.

Now imagine the United States of America as a computer hard drive and our Constitution/republic as a superior operating system. Clear out the political confusion and clutter of complicated oppressive taxes, excessive regulations and federal government junk. Reboot and start afresh. Keep our Constitution. It works well.


The “Escape Plan” from oppressive government

If we do not reboot, we will awaken to the harsh reality that our country is no more. There will be no United States, no Constitution, no ownership, no freedom and no civil liberties. There will only be a dictator bringing lethal force against any and all who resist. It will all happen in the blink of an eye on the day that transforms America.

"20/20: A Clear Vision for America" is the answer.

Find the answers to 20 problems the political establishment has imposed upon “We the People” in these 20 enlightening chapters that concludes with the implementation plan to restore America.

Read why we will lose our Constitutional Rights if we don’t know what they are; what we must do to get people to respect our culture; and what it means to reclaim our country. The revolution is just starting.


20/20: A Clear Vision for Our Future

2020: A Clear Vision for Our Future takes the reader on a ride through the history of Our Constitution, the values of ownership and freedom and how these concepts shaped this wonderful experiment we call America right up to present times and how the future of America must be shaped. It tells how important it is to Restore Our Constitution, Respect Our Culture and Reclaim Our Country for our children and their children.

This is an in-depth study of why Our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Ten Commandments, Capitalism and Ownership establish beyond the shadow of a doubt why they are so much more important for the future success of our citizens and their Republic than the new societal abnormal, socialism, communism and Sharia which are not in the best interests of liberty nor will they be accepted or work in America.

2020: A Clear Vision for Our Future explains the thinking behind the solutions that captivated readers of 20/20: A Clear Vision for America. The author expands on the issues and solutions and provides the reasoning behind the solutions required to make America the country it could be once again.

The author writes words a reader may have read before, but no reader has ever read these words in the manner in which they are presented. The narration is easy to read dialogue; however the context and perspective are deeper than the Mariana Trench.

The author takes on the new abnormal culture, the deep state, socialism and shariah to name a few but takes no prisoners. If you are an easily offended snowflake, do not read his books. If you are a patriot ready to restore, respect and reclaim our sovereignty, this is your book that you have long been waiting for. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Author Bill Muckler discusses the 20/20 Vision with fellow author, Spencer Tillman, Oklahoma All-American running back, at the Western Conservative Summit at the Colorado Convention Center in June, 2015.
Author Bill Muckler with fellow patriots Lt. Gen. Robert J. Winglass, USMC Retired and Col. Shannon Klug, USAF, Commanding Officer of the 45th Weather Squadron, Patrick Air Force Base, FL at the United States Coast Guard Station at Port Canaveral, Florida on 17 Feb 2016. Both patriots are 20/20 readers and visionaires.
Bill Muckler pinning USMC Vietnam Combat Veteran at the Wall of Valor in the Melbourne Rehabilitation Center in Melbourne, Florida.
Bill Muckler and Vinnie Howard reading veterans names alound at the MIA-POW-OREE Ceremony at the Cape Canaveral National Cemetery.
Bill Muckler presents the program of the 75th Anniversary of the Raising of the American Flag on Iwo Jima at the Brevard Veterans Memorial Center.
Bill Kowalcyk and Bill Muckler. Marines at the Missing In America Project at the Cape Canaveral National Cemetery.

What Readers are Saying About "The 20/20 Vision"

What Readers are Saying About "The 20/20 Vision."

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Robin White

I got a package today. Absolutely OUTSTANDING man. I’ve been pretty hard on myself lately. He not only extended his friendship, but he sent me a copy of his latest book. Extraordinary person. A man who helps his community, Veterans, & an author. A true American. I love his posts. Someone you’ve never met who extends his kindness & friendship at one of the hardest times in recent memory. Please, if you ever decide to check out an author? Love this country? Give Bill Muckler a try. I cannot thank him enough. I am deeply honored & humbled by his gift. Thank you sir, not only for your service, but also for your love. A SIGNED COPY! ❤️❤️❤️ This will have a place of honor in my home.

Judith A Bradley

Hey Bill. I want to tell you and I was meaning to message you. The book is great. I expect to see you on the media. My neighbor wants to read it so I will let her have it and finish reading it after her. You should be proud from what I have read. You have done your homework.

Debra Britt

Thank you Bill Muckler. You made many great points. The figures are staggering.

Scott Lauer

Good morning Bill, I received 2020: A Clear Vision for America yesterday. I began reading it immediately. The only word that comes to mind is, "excellent." Semper Fi Marine!

Jon Cobb

It's a good read, don't put it off . . . recommend it to friends.

Stephanie Parker McKean Scotland

Bill Muckler’s 20/20: A Clear Vision for America presents exactly what the title promises, a clear vision of changes in the United States that would carve it back into the Constitutional Republic it was founded as and return power the federal government has usurped back to the states. Eliminating federal income tax and initiating mandatory job training for unemployed and never-before employed citizens are two of the visionary challenges presented.

Justin Linville Elkin

Put this book on every coffee table in America. The characters are relatable (I identify with Ron) and the conversations they engage in are very matter-of-fact, to the point, and a good representation of what is, what The Founders meant, and how Common Sense solutions are still very viable today.

Rick Kingsley

Thanks Bill, more than appreciate the kind words. You are a true gentleman that I look up to, you have the Heart of a lion, the insight of a scholar and wisdom to share it. Thank you so much!

Jackie Csengeri

Hi Bill, I wanted to thank you so much for sending your awesome signed book to me! I received it last week and I only just started reading it today, I'm really excited to finally get my high school education Thank you for sending it so promptly thank you for signing it and thank you for being such an awesome Patriot.

Jerry Byrne

Politicians should read Bill Muckler's book and use his many idea's for saving America. A book that is well written, thank you Bill for writing it.

Leslie Kirscht-Sutton Holker

Let me tell you one thing... this book is worth paying for. I got mine a little over a week ago, and finally had some time to sit down and read it this weekend. It's been really hard for me to put it down! Not to mention, Bill wrote a real nice message in the book. Some things are worth paying for.

Adam Eyssmann III

Bill Muckler is someone You, your children, relatives, and friends should know. A veteran, philosopher, historian and writer Bill doesn't cherry pick between facts and fiction to simply help some theory, this American patriot analyzes the good, the bad, and the ugly before laying out Correction Actions to better ensure that the same mistakes are never repeated.

Ken Paramore

Bill Muckler, I miss our conversations & your wisdom. So glad I have your book, to visit from time to time, to take me back to our face to face talks.

Marc Waszkiewicz

This book ROCKS! MUST READ!!!! PS I love my signed copy.

Tom Barton

Hi Bill - I finished reading the book, yesterday. It was very good with more well thought out solutions than anything else I've read. Some of them are a little too much centralized control for me, but I agree that it's going to take massive change in thinking to turn this ship around.

Kerry Whalen

This book is a winner! A clear and concise plan for America! Thank you, Bill.

Lisa Jarrells

I received my book today! Bill Muckler thank you so much! I have already started to read this... it's awesome!

Bob Burns

Bill Muckler is a true patriot and conservative who presents a clear understanding of issues in our Republic. He provides an understanding of the Constitution and all Amendments as well as outlines when the decline of our Republic started.

An excellent writer with critical thinking ability. And he is a Marine! Thanks for your friendship and I loved the book!

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