January 22, 2017

The Great American Distraction: IJETOF and the GOATs

I typically get ideas for these articles from two sources, questions people ask me and questions I ask myself. Lately, I have been wondering what ISIS is up to. They have faded from the news but I’m sure they have not stopped their beheadings.So, what’s up. The GOATs (Goody Obama Adoration Team) has buried the Islamic Jihadist Extremist Terrorist Organization Franchises (IJETOF) somewhere deep under the editor’s desks. How did they do that? Easy. They

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January 16, 2017

44 – We Never Knew You

While watching TV, and reading the hype about the great lovefest of the last eight years, I decided to examine the major issues to determine the real facts. I’ll present those in my next article, although I’m believe we know them all by now. I’m confident this will not be a well-received article by some, but hey, the story is straight from the self-centered mouth. Outgoing President Barak Obama, the US 44th president gave his

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The Transition to Greatness

This is the second article (Part 2) of the Great Transition that has so many Americans lathered up. I would report on all the reports, true and false, and the many accusations that have been made about the Trump Transition, but would anyone want to read it?http://2020americabook.com/who-foots-the-bill/

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December 14, 2016

Who Foots the Bill?

The Lovely Lainey and I were watching the parade of pundits on the TV news explain to us why certain government cabinet and agency appointments are brilliant or why they are the worst thing that could happen to America.Of course, it is obvious the mainstream media is fully invested in making sure we are all made aware of the coming destruction of America by the new Trump Administration. One expert compared the next four years

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November 10, 2016

We Weren’t with Her

Last week, I wrote about who and what we were voting for. The results are in and the majority of electoral votes are designated for the Republican Candidate, Donald J. Trump. America became the real winner.I explained how this election pitted the Elites against Middle America. I identified the players. I am still surprised that so many of the citizenry were enthralled with the elitism and corruption of Hillary Clinton. Surprised that so many are

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